Serving the HME Needs of the New York Metropolitan and Long Island Areas.

Hampton Homecare knows that finding and buying home medical and home respiratory equipment is just the first step. Having someone to answer your questions, assist you with your paperwork, and ease your fears is just as important. With over 40 years of experience and helpful professionals at our Bohemia, Southampton, and Hicksville locations, you are in good hands at Hampton Homecare!

Breast Pumps

Hampton Homecare carries breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies from Ameda, Unimom, Spectra, and Medela. These breast pumps and supplies are the top choices of nursing mothers and lactation consultants everywhere.

CPAP and Respiratory Care

From CPAP and BiPAP machines to treat sleep apnea to portable oxygen concentrators and home fill oxygen supplies, to specialized ventilator supplies, you can count on Hampton Homecare to help you breathe easier. We have respiratory and oxygen experts on-site to work with you every step of the way.


Having the right cane, walker, rollator, wheelchair, or mobility scooter means having safety and independence. Hampton Homecare carries a wide range of mobility options for all ages. Ask us about fittings, set up and delivery.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

You may be familiar with blood glucose monitoring (BGM), which uses fingersticks to give you a snapshot of your glucose levels. In contrast, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) gives you a complete picture of your glucose levels and provides you with trends, so you can make more informed diabetes management decisions. Check glucose with no fingersticks and uncover hidden glucose patterns for a complete picture of where your glucose has been and where it’s going. Painless to apply and easy to wear!

Incontinence and Wound Care

Incontinence is a common problem that can be helped with incontinence care products from Hampton Homecare. We carry incontinence briefs, diapers, and pads to manage incontinence at any level.

Treating a wound after an infection or surgery is vital for proper healing. Hampton Homecare carries wound vac machines and wound care items to encourage healing and to get you better fast.

Other Services Include

  • We handle all the paperwork including the billing of primary and secondary payer insurances and Medicare as well as the reworking of denied Medicare and insurance claims
  • Preparing compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies
  • Assisting with arranging for patient travel to and from the area
  • Cleaning of home medical and respiratory equipment
  • Offering loaner equipment while the client's product is in for service
  • Instruction on equipment operation and safety to the client, family and caregiver
  • Providing oxygen conserving devices for the client's ease of portability of O2
  • Convenient and easy to use Online Bill Pay