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Designed to accommodate every patient and ensure a comfortable, hassle-free night, the Mirage Activa LT nasal mask is the only mask you'll ever need.  With its compact ActiveCell technology, the Activa LT automatically seals for quick fitting while allowing for movement and therapy pressure changes.  And now, there is a wider range of sizes, which means there is a perfect mask suitable for any user.


  • Compact ActiveCellâ„¢ technology that automatically seals for quick fitting and accommodates for movement and therapy pressure changes
  • MicroFit dial offers 24 positions for better fit, seal, and comfort
  • Streamlined forehead support provides clear field of vision with sleek, stylish design
  • 360° elbow rotation allows for multiple tubing positions for maximum comfort
  • Diffused vent design disperses air softly and quietly, away from bed partner; one piece design for easy use
  • Set-and-forget headgear clips retain optimal headgear settings; easy to attach and detach
  • Active cell inflates to adjust to movements and varying pressures throughout the night
  • Swivel offers a convenient way to connect and disconnect air tubing
  • New small size to fit wider range of users

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