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Category: Nebulizer

The SideStream Plus breath-enhanced, reusable nebulizer is designed to improve drug delivery. Its easy-action inspiratory valve opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste. Significantly less pressure is required to open the inspiratory valve compared to other breath-enhanced nebulizers. And there's no need to remove the valve when using a mask, making treatments easier for pediatric and elderly patients. With its proven SideStream five-jet venturi design, SideStream Plus provides a high respirable fraction and shortens treatment times.

- Easy-action vertical inspiratory valve requires less pressure to open on inspiration
- SideStream five jet-hole design helps shorten treatment time
- Modern handle design and angled mouthpiece provide for more comfortable treatment
- Suitable for children and adults
- No need to remove the valve when using a mask
- Accommodates Sami the Seal pediatric character mask

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