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The SideStream Custom Nebulizer Kit contains two complete SideStream Disposable Nebulizers and two replacement nebulizer cups. The Sidestream provides superior performance and faster treatment times (SideStream utilizes five aerosol-producing jet holes compared to a conventional nebulizer's one).The SideStream Kit provides a two-month supply of product in every package.


- Faster Treatment Times -  Faster treatment times (delivers 2.5 ml of drug output within 7 minutes)
- Efficient Drug Delivery - Highly efficient (80% of drug output volume is below 5 microns in size). The Sidestream’s active venturi system provides additional flow to the patient of up to 16 lpm above compressor output, resulting in faster treatment time. Traditional nebulizers are limited to the compressor’s flow output.
- Economical - Reusable Sidestream offers optimal patient care with minimal administrative effort. It can be used for 6 months before replacing. Disposable Sidestream can be used in the same manner as the reusable Sidestream, but for no more than 2 weeks.
- Optimal patient care - With minimal administrative effort.

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