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Exoform® Wrist Brace

The 21st Century breakthrough technology creates the new standard of ergonomic precision. The Exoform Wrist is the best fitting, and most comfortable wrist brace available.

Indications for Use

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Mild to moderate injuries to the wrist/hand
Post-cast healing

Product Highlights

 Ergonomically contoured padding on the inside of the brace provides the best fit and most comfort  Rigid, injection-molded plastic supports contour to both the dorsal and palmar sides of the hand and wrist, providing increased support, durability and immobilization Adjustable aluminum palmar stay allows for fine-tuning when needed

The Spectra wrist brace is designed to immobilize the wrist at a neutral angle. Its single-pull lacing closure makes it easier to apply than a conventional wrist brace, meeting the needs of patients with arthritis and other hand dexterity

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