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The HumidAire 3i heated humidifier offers a compact humidification design that forms a seamless unit when attached to the S8 series device.  Designed to offer relief from the symptoms of dryness and congestion associated with CPAP therapy, the 3i does not compromise therapy effectiveness or ease of use.  This humidifier is compatible with all devices in the S8 series.


  • Flip-top lid design eliminates need to remove tube to refill water chamber; it is convenient and user-friendly
  • Compact design is unobtrusive in the bedroom and easily packed for travel
  • Seamlessly integrated unit simply snaps into place whenever required
  • 385 mL capacity offers a high volume, high efficiency humidification in a compact unit
  • Humidifier is powered by the S8 device, so no additional power cords or cables are required
  • Dial control is easy to use in the dark and quick to respond
  • Power-on light plus heating indicator feature is user-friendly
  • Easy-to-clean design makes maintenance hassle-free

For additional product information, including more detailed pictures, further benefits and specifications, and all standard and available components of the S8 devices, click on the Product Detail PDF and Component Card located below, under the Additional Resources tab.

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Product Specifications

  • Flow rate: 50 L/min
  • Maximum heater plate temperature: 185°F (85°C)
  • Temperature cut-out: 199°F (93°C)
  • Maximum output humidity: 95% relative humidity
  • Relative humidity: 40%
  • Ambient temperature: 68°F (20°C)
  • Operating temperature: +41°F to +104°F
  • Operating humidity: 10-95% non-condensing
  • Water capacity to maximum fill line: 385 mL
  • Dimensions: 4.6" x 6.7" x 8.3" (118 mm x 164 mm x 145 mm)
  • Power supply input range: 100-240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.5A <140 VA
  • Maximum power consumption: 110 W
  • Instantaneous peak power consumption: <340 VA

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